Rahul Gandhi

Will Congress Choose Rahul Gandhi as a PM Candidate in 2019 ?

Will Congress Choose Rahul Gandhi as a PM Candidate in 2019 ? This question arises because under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi Congress doesn’t Perform well .Congress Had Only just 45 seats in Lok Sabha. Congress also lost recent elections in UP,Goa,Manipur,Uttrakhand etc.Under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi Congress performance was poor.Rahul Gandhi’s image is also not too good in front of indian’s . Some Indian’s Think he doesn’t have a knowledge about anything and speak unnecessarily and Make people Laugh . His some speeches made everyone laugh.But we want to tell you there Rahul Gandhi is one of the most qualified Leader.He also has a good face like he doesn’t do politics on religion .Some people also said that Rahul Gandhi is a Good Leader but Indian’s failed to Recognize Him..Check out will Narendra Modi win 2019 elections ?

Rahul Gandhi

Narendra Modi has a great influence on people where Rahul Gandhi failed to make his influence in people.Sometimes Narendra Modi also made fun of him .Congress has to think about it because if congress want to beat BJP then they had to choose the face which can compete with narendra modi.Because we saw that Rahul Gandhi failed to compete against narendra Modi .we thought that Shashi Throor is a great leader and well educated person .he can compete with narendra Modi .Congress is a big party has many faces but Shashi throor is a great face and congress can easily choose them for 2019 as a lead face of congress party.He is one of the well educated minister’s we have in our country.He is also a great leader . People like his personalty his attitude towards the country etc. Shashi Tharoor,Rahul Gandhi

We never say congress will have no other face . But we said congress has a good option if they want to compete Narendra Modi .Because Indian’s can’t see a PM in Rahul Gandhi thats why he failed to attract public to vote for congress. we can say that he is not a good politician but we can say that he is a good person. some people failed to get attention of public that doesn’t mean they are not good.Narendra modi got attention of public but some people said that he is not a good leader because as BJP promised many things in 2014 elections but failed to fulfill all the promises.In congress rule we never listen the politics on religion or other cases like beef meat cases, people were killed beacuse they beef.we cannot listen anti national word during congress rule .So we have major big problems to discuss but BJP diverts the mind of people to these things .So we want any big leader to compete with Namo in 2019 elections . So we think that Rahul Gandhi will not be the face of PM in 2019 because congress also knew that under the leadership of RG Congress didn’t perform well


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