Was Demonetization a Failure of Modi Government ?

Was Demonetization a Failure of Modi Government? This question arises when recently RBI release the data of Demonetization which claims that 99% of notes were returned to the banks during Demonetization.So, if 99% of currency notes submitted to the bank than where the black money was gone.At the time of Demonetization Bjp or Our PM, Narendra Modi was continuously speaking about the benefits of Demonetization like the recovery of black money, Cashless India, Help to stop terrorist attacks.But if we see on ground level Demonetization was a clear failure of Modi Government.During that time we lost more than 100 lives, Routine business was totally disturbed at that time, India’s GDP growth fall, there is no sign of becoming cashless India.However, we all know that the implementation of the scheme was totally worst.At that time Government was continuously changing their rules on another day.Moreover, if we see today there is no profit we got from Demonetization we lost our GDP growth, We lost more than 100 lives and more other things. What we get are the poor quality notes.Modi Government should not neglect the concern of DR.Manmohan Singh because he is a great economist in the world.He predicts that India’s GDP will fall by 2% and Leader like Arun Jaitley laugh and said they don’t want anyone’s advice.But, now we can see that the prediction of the great leader come true and Arun Jaitley have only their baseless reasons.

Narendra Modi

At the end, we want to say that if we want to do something good for our country then firstly we have to come over from the party system.we have to think for our country, not for our political party only then we get good results.whereas, we also request the government to show your concern for people interest because if we see on the grounds Modi government totally failed to fight corruption, poverty, unemployment etc. There is not an even single success of Government which we can count for people interest.Check out

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