Ram Rahim

Will Ram Rahim get bail in Supreme Court ?

Will Ram Rahim get bail in Supreme Court? This is the question which people wants to know before telling about this we have to look out on Ram Rahim’s case.So, we all know that high court recently punishes Ram Rahim for 20 years after he got convicted in a Rape case. The letter wrote by Sadhvi in 2002 to a High court judge.After that, the High court Judge took an action and forward the case to CBI for investigation.Then in 2007 CBI file charge sheet against Dera Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim.However, now in 2017 finally the decision came and it goes against Ram Rahim.A Sadhvi’s letter took Dera chief to behind the bars.After the high court decision, various new things come in media about Ram Rahim.But, Dera chief denied all the allegation on him and said he will put his case to supreme court.If Dera chief will take his case to supreme court than what will happen so let’s see.

Ram Rahim

Firstly Supreme court study all about the case or request CBI to investigation again.It will take many years.As we told you after convicted in a Rape case there are many other crimes in which his Name is coming and after high court decision the people who do not speak about Ram Rahim because of his fear now they are also coming forward to speak and put allegations on him and revealing the truth.So it’s very difficult journey for Dera chief.

Secondly, if we consider that he will get bail from supreme court then nothing is going to big.Because his name is totally ruined.This is one of the most highlighted cases of India.His image totally came in dark area.Some of his followers also start hating him because he convicted in Rape Case.

At the end, we only want to say that people should not believe in these fake Babas.The one who said that he is a God the one said that he is the Messanger of God, The self-proclaimed Godman don’t have the ability to save him from the case against him.I don’t know why people do not understand this.People have to understand the reality of these fake babas.They only want money and want to use people.At the end, we also praise the judiciary for the fearless decision which he gave and gave a lesson to everyone that no one is bigger than Judiciary.Check out http://www.allin1news.com/political-news/will-congress-choose-rahul-gandhi-pm-candidate-2019/

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