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Top 14 Fake Babas Of India

Top 14 Fake Babas Of India: ABAP which is Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad, which is the part of Hindu sadhus has released a list of “Top 14 fake babas of India” on Sunday. Yes, there have been too many controversies surrounding Godmen and we will really look forward to some action being taken against them. Under the body of ABAP, there are total 13 akharas.Glod to see that they released the list of Fake Babas and this will help to aware people about the babas who is not genuine.

Now, This Body has tag themselves as the “Rootless cult leaders” and demanded an appropriate law for these Fake Babas so that the people could take action against them.Swami Narendra Giri, The president of ABAP, said that the common people must have to know about these Fake sadhus who take people for granted under the name of Religion or Traditions.In fact, These Fake babas are the dark spot on the name of Sadhus or Sanyasis.

Here is the list of TOP 14 FAKE BABAS

1. Asaram Bapu

2. Radhe Maa

3. Gurmeet Ram Rahim

4. Sachchidanand Giri

5. Swami Omji

6. Nirmal Baba

7. Narayan Sai

8. Rampal

9. Acharya Kushmani 

10. Brihaspati Giri

11. Om Namo Shivaya Baba

12. Swami Aseemanand

13. Ichchadhari Bhimanand

14.Malkan Giri

Fake babas

Narendra Giri Further said that ” we will expose all these Fake sadhus and write letter to the Government to investigate all their activities and punish them according to the law”

The copies of this list will be sent to the state government and centre government as well.A strong law is needed to keep a check on these Fake sadhus. So the lists were also sent to the opposition parties as well and appeal them to make a law for the country with the majority.

At the end we only want to say that, Government should take big steps and will make an appropriate law for these fake sadhus so that no one takes advantage of people believes.And after the Ram Rahim case, people should learn something.check out http://www.allin1news.com/uncategorized/will-ram-rahim-get-bail-supreme-court/

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